Spicing Up Szechuan

Here to share one of my all time favourite restaurants in Singapore!! It's in Chinese, I can't remember what that place is called but I know exactly how to get there, which is all that matters! :D

Su En brought me here, she used to work in Chinatown at one point and would frequent this place. So far, I love everything we've ordered!

 One of my faves - stir fried sliced beef with cucumber. I don't know what they added with this combination (this being Singapore, I doubt the answer will ever be used oil dumped into the gutter) but it's so omfgly yummy!!

 This is so -so, but it's still good cos it'd darn cheap! Only $2 I think, onion pancake. Thin grilled, it's slightly crispy and great with rice and a host of other delicious Szechuan dishes ;)

 The cooks and waiters here have a heavy Chinese accent. It's all the real deal.... but then again memang banyak orang Cina kat sini lah..... so not that hard, really. They do get pretty busy during dinner.

 Pork and potatoes with green chillis. Sooooooo goood! I'm a huge lover of all things spicy, so this is an easy win over me.............

 These are the three items we ordered. There's more that I love... they have this really good spicy pork slices in dried chillis... omg..... but one thing, the stuff here is a tad oily. What's bad for you tastes delicious! Kekekekekke.

Usually we will order extra then tapao the rest ;) Food is served quickly ala Cina style. Prices are average, not exactly cheap, but portions are pretty large. Expect loads of spicy food, the Szechuan way!

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