The Macaron Hype

So there's this major hoo-ha over macarons and I just wasn't taken in by all the hype and excitement over the pastel-colored dorayaki look-alike. But the time has finally come where even the ignorant in me sniffed the air with curiosity. 

 A fellow colleague talked about this place called Hummingbird. One of the items that caught my attention was the wasabi-flavored macaron. My initial impression was of disbelief. But the colleague only has compliments for the somewhat awkward combination. So we shall see.

Hao, WE and I were around Bangsar and so our search for Hummingbird began. It wasn't hard to locate the shop. The little cafe takes up half of the outer shop and the inner area of a boutique with clothes designed by Beatrice Looi.

 I love the sweet pastel colours of macarons! We started badgering the shop assistant for recommendations hehehe.

 This cute little note that the assistant refers to when introducing the many-coloured macarons. They carry the flavours jasmine, earl grey, passion fruit, pistachio, rose, caramel, dark chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, blackcurrant, citrus, wasabi and peanut butter.

 We ended up ordering passion fruit, wasabi and pistachio flavours, with recommendations from the shop assistant. I first took a bite from the pistachio. The texture was slightly hard on the outside with a chewy filling. A little too sweet but it's nice! Then I tried the wasabi one. To my very pleasant surprise, I  enjoyed the wasabi macaron! It's only slightly sweet, with a tinge of hotness from the wasabi. Which works pretty well, the balance of the two tastes keeps each other in check.

The passion fruit macaron was, hands down, the worst. It was way too sweet, and tastes like bubble gum. Bleargh.

 Love how chic and stylish the interior is.

 Having discovered the overly-hyped buzz over macarons, I am not too impressed lol. Certainly not something that I will develop cravings for. Not cheap lagi! Like RM5 for a puny piece that you can just swallow in a single mouthful. Meh-ness :p

Hummingbirds Coffee Bar,
Beatrice Looi Boutique,
Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar.
Tel: 03-2201-5889


  1. so to summarise macarons sux big time!

  2. Not quite. Quite nice lah, just that I won't be craving for it loh.

  3. it doesn't suck. but suck if u actually like it. damn blardy exp

    1. Just noticed ur comment. Yeah, blardy expensive for such a small sugar loaded perishable.


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