Three Generations, Two Mothers & One Strong Family Bond

A short post on a recent trip back home. Didn't take as many pictures as I used to, don't ask me why, I have no idea myself. Maybe because I had an ulcer after the Pilipinas trip and was feeling sorry for myself. Ok, that's a lame excuse, even I have to admit that.

Ji Ee made a trip down to SP and took the chance to capture the sisters together having a meal.

The mop-haired furball that I have so missed! In all her full bak-geh glory.... I think she's lost some weight and she's moving around even more slo-mo than usual :(

Dug out some old photos for a Mother's Day photo contest on Facebook. But no win hoe ;( but I think there were some participants who cheated because they have absurdly high number of votes. I honestly thought that my entry was pretty good, captioned: "Then and now - Three generations, two mothers and one strong family bond. A tribute to my late grandmother, with a heart of gold and the best cook who wouldn't hear no to second helpings. Happy Mother's Day, Ah Ma & Mum." (good right?!).

Nasi kandar - an absolute must-have whenever I am back in Penang/SP!!! I used to have an insatiable  craving for ayam kicap (actually, still do) . I always, always choose ayam kicap whenever I visit one of these mamak shops. Other must haves are the bendi  kari ikan, kari sotong, a generous amount of kuah campur and of course, crispy pappadam. Sometimes when I feel like jeopardizing my health a little, I'll go for spicy cockles as well. And to complete the meal experience, using hands to eat is highly recommended (I always tell people I do that so the food marinates the fingers and you can smell it for hours later :D ) Oh God, this is making me sooooo hungry and homesick now :( 

Pickles after her much-needed doggy spa session - a full trim, ears cleaning, nails clipped and eyes cleaned. She looks like a shrunken gremlin. Her hair's all gone loco from static lol. But with her hair all short. it definitely makes her look much younger.


Tua Ee being such a gem, kept asking me what do I want to eat so she could cook for me :) I could only think of drinking as much Chinese nutritious soup as I possibly can so she made lotus root soup.... Oh but this shot was with Mum's chicken herbal soup (hungry thinking about it), Tua Ee's pork stew with carrots and taters, sweet and sour fish (sauce courtesy of Ji Ee's ichiban making) and stir fried vegetables.

Another day, another great meal @ Taman Intan.... Special request of hu cee han cio or chilli-stuffed mackerel (omg ultimate fave), stir fried eggplant with heh bi, pork in sauce sauce, okra with sambal dip, and pasembor yum yum yum.

Tua Ee also offered to make sambal petai for me and up till this day I can't believe that I turned her down! I told her that it'd be too smelly especially I have a flight the next day..... 

Mother's Day dinner at a Jap restaurant in Village Mall. Pretty decent place but this is the only photo I took that day. I recall that Dad used to hate Japanese food because he's such a conservative eater! I'm really glad to have introduced to him some of my fave Japanese dishes like the edamame, unagi, I even got him to try raw salmon sashimi, and he said he liked them!! 

K, end of this hunger-inducing post. Back to boring and eww food onboard :(


  1. Hahaha BA GEH Pickles!

    Boiboiboi sedapnye all the food... I haven't had nasi kandar for soooo long. Don't think I've seen any here.

    Papa looked like he lost weight... Mom looked young with the short haircut hehe

  2. Oh ya, I thought your Mother's Day entry was really nice... but too bad din win. Maybe need to photoshop the photos to be more vibrant.

  3. Yea I always miss nasi kandar.... It's not easy to replicate but Mum reckons that she knows how to make ayam kicap, but I've not tried her version kekeke.

    Yeah Papa always look skinny. Mum said he's been watching what he eats. But I think Papa snacks a lot regardless kakaka.

    Yea I think some people cheated/hacked the votes? Because on average maybe they got 20-30 votes but I think the winner had something like 1.5k votes?


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