Ramen Santouka

Approximately three years ago, I recall vividly going to the 'Japan Street' in Pavilion, KL and Stanley, a colleague back in KL, recommended a ramen place that is supposedly 'quite good'. Having only tried ramen at a few Japanese restaurants in KL, I wasn't entirely keen, but still game enough to give it a try.

Oh. my. It was the best ramen I have ever had. The broth was thick and flavourful, but still light enough to slurp every last drop. The noodles were cooked al dente, the pork meat very tender, almost buttery - no chewing required. I could find no fault with it.

I remembered Santouka ramen, it was the first, and the last time I dined there for a while.

Then I moved to Singapore and I was even more spoiled with choices. Ippudo Ramen @ Mandarin Gallery hits the spot but I find that their broth to be a tad overwhelming, unlike Santouka's.

When I found out that Santouka too, had a branch in Singapore, I knew I had to go back there and see if it still excites my tongue the way it did, three years back.

The Central, Clarke Quay. Bit tricky to look for this restaurant. Very well hidden.

Tofu with bonito flakes, spring onions, ginger paste and soy sauce. Tofu wasn't as soft as I expected. It was meh for me.

TY's order of some special ramen with additional topping and 50% more noodles kind of item. It is a spicier variety and I prefer mine, so let's move on.

I ordered the Shio Tonkotsu ramen - which was the same variety I ordered back in KL. My order arrived and I was super excited - it arrived and looked exactly the same way I remembered three years ago! Excellent! (rub palms together)

The pork-based broth is exactly how I remembered it. Comes with strips of bamboo shoots, spring onions, black fungus, little Naruto slice and melt-in-your-mouth pork slices.

Gyoza -  too greasy for my liking. I love the ramen here but I think Ippudo still has better side dishes than Santouka. The pork buns and gyozas at Ippudo are to die for! Also you get to customise your ramen at Ippudo a lot more, additional toppings, done-ness of noodles, etc.

Well, excuse me while I clean the keyboard of stray saliva....

Ramen Santouka
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #02-76
The Central Singapore
Tel: +65 6224 0668

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