A Familiar Food Fest

A very short but nevertheless drool-worthy photos coming right up. Went back home for almost 3 weeks, lazing and lounging and basically just kept my mouth wide open so food continuously found its way in......

Oh how I've missed rojak! Must have been, what, a year since I last had this? Cut up any fruits (preferably with a satisfying krunch factor) and serve with rojak paste. 

Requested for ulam fried rice from Mum too, and guess where the pile of daun kaduks are from? The garden! It's looking mighty impressive now, with shrubs of daun kaduk flourishing.... Mixed here with salted kembong fish, thinly sliced shallots, lemongrass and a hundred other secret ingredients, as other nyonya cooking.

Not forgetting Tua Ee's sambal belai. Sour and spicy, with a hint of sweetness. Perfect for a rainy day. Except it wasn't a cool, rainy day. It was blisteringly hot and humid! Had to leave the a/c unit on every night else it will be impossible to sleep. It was THAT bad!

The El Nino has arrived :/

This doesn't look very appetising, but what this homemade chicken chop lacks in looks, it makes up in taste and flavour. Mum's very yummy version of chicken chop drenched in a puree of tomato, carrots, potatoes and a hundred other secret ingredients....

Bapa dan mak

A very special treat awaits me, frozen in the fridge... Patiently preserved till the day I arrive so I can slurp it up to the last drop! Had it with rice, and with some left, had it with laksa noodles too, slurrp!

And my ultimate favourite sambal petai!

Just a few highlights of a very satisfying pampering back home... All this shots make me long to go back home, soon.

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