Chapter 1

First of all, welcome to this blogger's crib. Now, I wouldn't really call myself a blogger... I mean, I'm no Kenny Sia , no Karljam. Stuff that I post here are mostly events, memories that I would like to preserve. Thoughts that I would like to jot down and maybe, in a few years' time have a good laugh over them. See if there is any difference between then and now.

Born a Sagittarius on Friday the 13th of December, this Asian female is currently an undergraduate in University Sains Malaysia, Penang-Malaysia of course. Pursuing her degree in Applied Physics while minoring in Management is her priority at the moment... although there is another organization that is taking up a lot- I mean a LOT- of her time. Being very terrible in time management (call it ironic...) she finds herself always getting stressed up when assignments are due or when she is burdened with organizing events or when tests are heading her way.

Being the youngest of 3, she was born in Penang, but grew up in an industrial town of Sg. Petani, Kedah. Determined to have her way of life, she wonders, what is her way of life?

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