Interaction Day 06/07

Forgive me if the next few posts may backtrack to a month ago, but these are things that I would like to record down.

Interaction Day is a day where members of the USM Lifeguard Corps, juniors, seniors and ex-lifeguards spend 2 days and a night somewhere-interacting. Being an active member (I honestly have no choice in this...), exco of the Corps and also Head of Social and Recreation (S&R) Dept, numerous meetings are held within my dept and... this year, it was held on the 10th of February 2007 at Sg. Sedim, Kedah. (yeay, Hidup Kedah :) at RM90 per person. Among its attractions are its cool, clean river and having the longest tree top walk in the world (yea, you read that right, longest in the world in its own suspended from the bottom category).

Was up at the crack of dawn and it took us about 2 hours to reach there. Our program flow is as follows :

  • 0900 - Arrival and Check-in
  • 0930 - Jungle Trekking
  • 1200 - Lunch
  • 1300 - Games
  • 1500 - Flying Fox
  • 1900 - BBQ Dinner
  • 2000 - Sketch
  • 2130 - Junior Games
  • 0830 - Breakfast
  • 0930 - Tree Top Walk
  • 1100 - Check-out

First activity was jungle trekking. Gosh! There was no trail and we were just really crawling on our knees at one point and had scratches all over ourselves, leeches just all around, waiting to pounce and suck the lives outta us... Towards the end of the hike, this deliciously cool waterfall made it worth all that effort.

Clockwise from top left : CJ, Evan, Wei Wei, me and Teen Yuen.

Later on that evening, flying fox was next on our activity list. Now, I kind of had a fear for heights and this is one sport that I can't just calmly get it over with! And if I don't do this, I know that I won't forgive myself for being such a chicken.

How do I get out of this thing ?

Everyone there was divided into groups to perform sketches later on at night, after our BBQ dinner. My group, Orca, is supposed to perform a sketch on "Snow White VS Sleeping Beauty"... it was hilarious! But unfortunately, our sketch wasn't voted as the best... although I really thought that we deserved to win! :p Hong En had this thick layer of powder on his face as Snow White and Evan was really sporting, really bringing the Evil Stepmother to life hahahah! And of course... the newspaper-stuffed boobs, can't leave that out... :D

Orca with "Snow White VS Sleeping Beauty"

Shark with "Doraemon"

Crocodile with "Death Note"

Oh yeah, did I mention another purpose of our Interaction Day? Also a time to torture our newly recruited juniors... ngeh ngeh ngeh. There were a number of stations and these juniors had goggles on with tissues stuffed inside so they are visually impaired. They have no idea what is going on as we 'played' with them and snapped humiliating photos of them.. hee :)

Waiting to be tortured

The games lasted well into the wee hours and well, at least both juniors and seniors find the games funny and they didn't complain much....

Day 2: Everyone woke up sleepy including me, and well, second day was a blur to me... I can only recall that at one point that there was a misunderstanding and I abused my Dear with my temper :( But all ended well and I still am very sorry with what I had done. 

Being an exco can be very taxing and with people having high expectations on you, is extremely exhausting. At the end of the day, I'm just glad that it's all over and the best part is that I received a lot of positive feedbacks on the trip there. At least everyone else enjoyed their stay over there... for me, it was more of work than a fun trip. :) 

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