4 Down, 2 To Go

Had my second swimming lesson this evening (not the student, the instructor heh), taught 2 students, both females. One is Ai Chen, 28, who works in Dell and been getting comments from fellow lifeguards that she's pretty. Yea, I guess so, good features and fair fair skin. The other one's her cousin, chubby Wee Theeng, 12 years old. Each at RM15 per hour, earned a total of RM30 (3 red notes). May not seem a lot, but it sure was fulfilling to earn your own money, with your own effort. Makes me think twice before I spend my money too.

Been having trouble keeping track of my finances this semester. Treating myself with too much good food it seems. Sigh. Kinda guilty spending money like drinking water when my daddy labours off to earn them. Really gotta control myself.

2nd last paper this coming Sunday at 9.00am, Microprocessors-4 units. I don't really know what to study! Honestly, notes are not sufficient and you can't even find certain informations in the reference book. Oh well. After this paper, will head back to SP. I miss home! And Pickles! And my parents! And Grandma's cooking! And my bed! Astro! Will be heading back Penang on the 20th, thats on a Friday for Exco's Dinner. Don't worry Kenneth, I will be posting up pics of the food we had there. Sure to beat your kimchi.

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