Day IV - Kuantan

Started the day 1 hour later than I would have preferred. Up at 10am, by the time I bathed and stuff was nearly 11.

Lunch at home prepared by Aunty. We had ‘min fan gou’ which is basically made up of dough where it is shredded and pressed, mushrooms, a type of veggie and shredded pork, all cooked together until the soup boils. Served with deep fried anchovies, had this sorta meal back in SP a few times and I loved it. Spent most of the day reading the first Harry Potter book: The Philosopher’s Stone. There was a huge storm and it rained heavily again. I love rains. Everything gets dark and cooling, the way I like my days best :P

Rain went on for about 2 hours and when it has stopped, TY and I borrowed bicycles from his cousin and just rode around the area. The weather’s just nice for riding, cooling from the after-rain and not very sunny. It must have been more than a year that I rode on a bicycle, took me some time to get used to it.

Dinner at TY’s granny’s place and we had ‘soto ayam’, a dish from Indonesia. There’s this stuff like pulut with shredded cabbage, taugeh mixed in this soupy saffron gravy thing, which I have no idea how to describe.

After dinner went to 2 different supermarkets in Kuantan to visit 2 of TY’s aunts. Uncle wanted me to play a prank on one of them by asking what’s a BabySham or sumwhat, haha long story. I guess it runs in the family.

Definitely regretted sleeping so darn late last night, plan to replenish my alertness by sleeping ultra early tonight.

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