Virgin Attempt at Kari Kay

When I told my grandmother and parents about my intention of making Curry Chicken, all parties were supportive, although they were a tad skeptical about me wanting to make the spice paste from scratch. My grandma said that even she herself does not make spice paste using mortar and pestle, instead, she has gone all modern and uses ready-made packaged curry powder.

I was keen on making curry chicken from scratch, since I kind of already know how (from my cooking bible, hah!), thus, if I were to make things simple and buy curry powder, then I might as well buy the whole of the curry chicken from some mamak stall, correct?


Shallots : Cried when I cut them up... boohoo

Done like a pro!

Some chilli landed on me while grounding them that I ended up with chilli burns:

Sigh, the sacrifices
And thus, I made it! I'm such a genius :D

Although my mom said that there’s definitely room for improvement, I’m already very much proud of myself. My dad marked me with 89 points. Good thing was, the whole thing was finished for lunch. Better thing was, none of us ended with diarrhoea.


Not bad for a girl who can’t differentiate between kailan and bak choy veg, huh?

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