Convo Dinner 2007

Dinner with all the lao pengs at Mumbai House, Crystal Point which costs RM40 per pax. Quite pricy in my opinion... since it's not exactly well-known and not in a hotel. Previous dinner while I was head of S&R was at Berjaya Georgetown Hotel and the attraction was Haagen Daazs ice-cream also included. But this one here... the only ice-cream served was this funky tasting jagung-like ice-cream with bits of raisins.


Anyway, curry was good, especially the naan with mutton curry and mint sauce. The environment was not bad too, though lighting may be way too soft and bit too dark to eat in. They serve drinks in this cute container.

Some kind of cordial

Fish curry

Curry mutton

Khumb of potatoes and button mushrooms

Veggie kurma

Po Koon, back from Japan bought the load of us gifts. I got this cute pair of Jap socks and fan.

Figurines for the guys

Now feeling heaty after all those curry...

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