His Convocation

I would have been so proud, except that I did not exactly do anything to help him in completing his Degree in Management.

My red graduation present to him.

Thinking that the ceremony ends at noon, I asked Soon Wen to pick me up around 11.15am so that I can get the bouquet of flowers that I have ordered beforehand.

Mana tau.....the ceremony ended early!!!$(&$(&@^@&^# Make me so kan ciong rush here rush there plus Soon Wen arrived a lil bit late. Then as I was paying for the flowers, TY gave me a call saying his parents wanna balik dy. Very disappointing.... Was hoping to take some pics with the parents and the bro and the sis... Oh well...

The bear bear in my flower bouquet makes people feel sad looking at it

As I arrived, no other LGs were to be seen! Really really make people kan ciong.... others also did not expect the ceremony to end so early... But slowly, more and more of them came and finally:

Actually there was more who came later on, but this was the only largest number of people in a single photo that I have. So. As soon as there was enough guys willing to do some lifting and tossing, ...

...suddenly, amidst of all the purply-robed graduates suddenly one of similar species just flew out of nowhere.

The hood has a purpose.

That will be all for today... feeling tired after jalan-ing around Penang the whole day.

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