Baling Food Galore

Previous weekend went over to Ji Ee's (2nd Aunt) place in Baling, Kedah, approximately 1 hour+ ride from SP. Mom bought all these seafood and meat and stuff for Ji Ee to storm up something for our dinner, particularly her famous pai kut ong. As we reached there, it drizzled, and there was this delicious crisp breeze coming all around, as the place is near the mountains and cool wind is a norm.

Baling is pretty much a sleepy town, with nothing much happening around, save for occasional pasar malam nights. Things are then sold at extremely cheap prices, anyway that is not the purpose of this blog! Presenting Ji Ee's superb cooking skills:

Sar bi Hu (3-flavoured fish)

Stir-fried Kailan

Stir-fried Bittergourd

New Bangla worker hired temporarily

Pai kut ong! (Pork fillet in black sauce?)

Tomyam fish

Assam Heh (Asam Prawns)

Grandma's Sago with Corn Delicacy thingie

Went back with a happy tummy :)

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