Wedding at KL

Was at KL for 2 days and 2 nights. TY's cousin bro's wedding was held on the 22nd of September at Nikko Hotel. We started off from Penang at 3.30pm Friday evening, along with 21 boxes of Him Heang tau sa peah and God knows what other food stuff in the car, like some mobile biscuits seller. The drive down took around 5 hours, there are some stretches of road under repair, which is what slowed us down. Kinda tricky to get to the place where we're staying, at KL Plaza Condos, which was smack right in the centre of all the hip shopping complexes.

We reached at about the same time as TY's family, such a coincidence, we checked into the condo and there are 3 rooms available. TY's parents took the master bedroom, Shan En and Babychamp Aunt took one and Hao, TY and I took the remaining one. After a quick pee, went down again and had our dinner at this Chinese restaurant called Esquire Kitchen. Had stir-fried mix vegetables, pork belly, man thou (pau), soup, stir-fried asparagus, and some other dishes which I had already forgotten by now... After dinner, we went around the plaza, bought shampoo, conditioner and drinking water, the hotel does not provide those! On the way back to the hotel, passed by Coffee Bean and I ordered an ice-blended coffee with Belgian chocolate, heavenly! Later that night Shan played LOTR III DVD on En's laptop. Watched till 2am+, the bloody movie was the uncut version, 4 hours long!

Woke at 9am in the morning, supposed to go to Sunway Hotel for the tea ceremony. It was kinda boring.. so-so food at the hotel, started to feel heaty by then.

Tea ceremony: The bride and bridegroom.

Headed back to the hotel to freshen up and then out again for shopping. We went to the new shopping mall, Pavilion. Saw some stuffs that took my fancy, but decided that I don't really need those, yet. Everything there was indeed pricey, and I didn't buy anything... sigh... At nearly 5 we got back to the hotel again and I took a nap cause I wasn't feeling so good. At 6, quickly took a bath and changed into my blue qipao for the wedding dinner. Everybody looked great that night... TY's two sisters wore boots.. haha cute. We took taxis there, and we got our money cheated! For a 3 minutes ride, the bloody driver asked for RM15. I was the oldest there at that time, and I didn't want to cari pasal with him, in the end we decided to just pay the bloody person. May you rot in hell, you bloody leech.

Dinner started around 8pm, by that time I was already developing a headache. Which was quite strange as I had already taken a nap and the headache just keeps getting worse by the minute. After a few courses, I couldn't take it anymore and headed to the ladies'. There, I let my hair down (hair was up), and in an instant I can feel my headache recede. Strange, huh? I think putting my hair up actually pulls my hair back, plus the weight of my hair that weighs down the ponytail creates the discomfort. As the headache was there half of the night through, I did not particularly have a good time. But I sure fed myself well. Among my favourites were the glutinous rice, shark's fin soup, and the hot dishes.

Our wedding reception... I mean no, THE wedding reception

Next morning, all of us were feeling so sleepy... was up early so that we can have brunch and then head back home. We had dimsum at a place near Lowyat Plaza, Mandarin Palace I think is the place. Great place, great environment. I particularly love the chee cheong fun and the lotus paste pau. After the meal, we went to Lowyat Plaza again, Wei En wanted to get notebook cooler there. By the time we're done with the shopping, it was already nearly 1pm. Then we started on the journey back to Penang... Kind of sad that it ended so fast... it's no fun when you're someplace, but you can't really enjoy the stay if you're supposed to rush here and there throughtout the day. Kills the fun. But KL is a beautiful city.. at night only lar, during the day it was too hazy to notice anything pretty. We'll be back there, hopefully, end of this year :)

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