Palace d'India

Mom's idea to try this place out. Had to walk a LONG way. Weird enough, there was only about 3 tables occupied during that day, Sunday. They probably get a larger crowd at night? Anyway I think it's probably due to their location. The restaurant is somewhere at the end of the mall, at one of the less-frequented sections.

There are only 3 of Palace d'India in Malaysia. One in KL, and 2 more in Penang (Tanjung Tokong and Queensbay Mall).

In isolation

The decor there is kinda cute although certain areas seem to be empty; and they sell clothes too at the entrance. I suppose some other means to earn profit is needed as not many people frequent the restaurant. Mom said that the decor in the Tanjung Tokong branch is much much nicer and elaborate. Haven't been there myself, I can't comment.

My Mango Lassi

The darned Mango Lassi costs RM7 per glass! All three of us had a glass, meaning drinks alone already cost RM21! However, prices for other dishes are not that expensive, just the drinks, but they are certainly very good and sweet.

Appetisers up first, served:

Pappadam with Mint Sauce

Then the rest, we ordered:

Tandoori Chicken

Veggie Makhanwala

Andra Fish Curry

The waiter told us that the fish curry is one of the spicy dishes, but I was disappointed! However, the curry is so omglicious, thick gravy and all, with a burst of exotic spices. Oh... I ate with my fingers... highly satisfying =)

Yeah, baby

Don't be deceived by the small bowls of rice. They look like they are only enough for 1, but that darned thing can actually fit in rice enough for two! Two bowls there stuffed me dad, me mom and me.

Now you see them, now you don't

Dad entered himself in a Sudoku competition by MSIG, supposedly the second largest insurance company in Malaysia. He's really quite good at the puzzles and taught me a number of tricks to solve them too. Anyway, mom and I had confidence that dad could walk away with something.

Alas! Dad seems to be pretty nervous about the whole thing and was able to complete the puzzle in 10 minutes. There were 2 batches in his category, with dad in the 2nd one and none in his batch seems to be able to complete the puzzle too. Apparently, the puzzle is too hard for them too hehehhe, but there were about six in the first batch who were able to complete the puzzle. Naturally, the puzzles for the two batches were different, to avoid leakage. So, it is very much possible that the first puzzle was slightly easier than the first batch.
Oh well, at least I had fun shopping around while waiting for dad's turn at the puzzle! Bought a pair of shoes with polka dots.

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