Wow, yeah, Grandma has multiple birthdays. But this time we were treated by Sien Ee from Kulim. Mom suggested bringing Grandma over to Dragon-i Restaurant, Queensbay Mall since Grandma has never tried the stuff here before. The restaurant serves oriental cuisines, and has fabulous Chinese-y interior design, complete with terracotta warriors!

Some of their specialties would be xiao long pao and this belly pork thingie with pau. The restaurant has this open concept kitchen where you can see the chefs at work, making the la mian (noodles) and also the famed xiao long pao.

Getting into the restaurant itself also normally requires a long wait. There is almost always a long queue outside the restaurant, to the point that they have to come up with this numbering system like those available in banks and post offices to know that your table is ready. Luckily for us, there wasn't a queue at the time (was already around 4pm) and the staff got us a table immediately.

Mom and Tua Ee again

Some people just never figure out how to get their picture taken properly

See the lanterns up there? I think they're really cute. Must have them in my future house.

Grandma again!

My drink: Winter melon with sea coconut and red dates. Tastes so-so

I've forgotten what this dish is called, but it's one of my favourites. It's la mian with minced meat, simple but tastes good.

I have also forgotten what this dish is called. It kinda tastes like claypot rice, but I believe they steamed the dish. Has rice, meat, Chinese sausages, shiitake mushrooms and kailan vegetables.

Ha! this is spicy la mian, also one of my favourites. The spicy soup is not exactly that spicy and it does not taste like what it looks (am I being confusing?), it's kinda like what you get with kimchi, but I think this tastes better. Also served with minced meat.

Xiao long Bao

This is also another of my favourites!! To eat this, you have to bite off the top of the bao and suck the soup inside. Eating the whole thing without doing so will result in the bao skin being tearing off with the soup sprinkling all over your front.

Deep Fried Red Bean Pancake

If there is something that I have to complain about this restaurant, it will be this: they actually served our dessert with the main courses, instead of after. It kinda makes you feel like they are quickly serving everything to your table, so you will quickly gobble on everything and quickly pay them and quickly get outta there.

Deep fried prawns in salted egg yolk

And yet another of my favourites coming up!! :

Soft soft pau to go with the pork belly

Pork belly thingie

Those fatty fatty layers is so divine.... combined with the soft pau and everything just melts in your mouth...

This is some soupy la mian (forgotten the name again), it's only so-so and nothing to shout and get excited about.

Fried Rice with Ham, Prawn and Squid

The fried rice is also not bad, nicely done.

Deep Fried Durian Spring Roll

I'm not a fan of durians, but this spring roll is crispy on the outside and soft with the durian fillings in the inside.

Stuffed with fleshy 'bitter' durian

Deep Fried Red Bean Pancake

Needless to say.... empty plates with bulging tummies and happy faces can pretty much summarise our meal.

Bulging tummies.... :P

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