Geeks @ Ikea

A very short post on a reunion of friends that I have not met since graduation!

Meet my geeky Physics coursemates from USM :p (I admit I am one of them too, fine, whatever).

Esmond, Kim and I

I received a call from Esmond wanting to have dinner at Ikea (of all places). He offered to provide me a lift too, such a sweet person! Ban could not make it, being the party animal, he surely has some sort of plans on a Saturday night.

The famous meatballs with cranberry sauce.

Broccoli with cheese sauce. My first time trying it and I loved it!

Vegetarian pasta.

Lemon herb chicken. I hated this dish from the first time I tried it some few years ago. Esmond ordered this. I gave this dish a second chance, thinking that maybe they did it real bad back then, but apparently, it ain't true. The potatoes and carrots are still as raw to taste and the lemon herb doesn't taste anything remotely edible.

Don't try it! :p

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