Bangsar Banana Leaf

A short post on this banana leaf place I had at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. Andy first introduced the place to me during the first few weeks' stay in KL. And now, I shall pass this valuable information to my fellow peers.

I had a banana leaf rice craving and so I suggested this place to Stanley, of course he terus 'on' already hahahaha.

We got ourselves the vegetarian set, which comes with this cucumber salad, deep fried brinjals and mixed veggies. 3 different types of sauces can be selected from - dahl, fish curry and another which I cannot recall. I asked for all of 'em.

Also not forgetting the sambal and salty dried whole chilli.... also had ayam masala :)

Meet Jessie, our Chinese colleague who will be undergoing a cyst-removing operation from her ovaries the coming Monday... She's a hyper girl! Very nice and has got style, babeh! :p

Okay, that ends my very boring post...


  1. wahh yummyy!! no close up pics :((

  2. Hehe.... yeah... these pictures are taken fro Stanley's camera.
    Oi Chiang TY... dun spam.


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