Status: In a Relationship... with a phone.

How long has it been since I actually blogged? I started off as a person who vents her anger and frustrations through the blog but recently, this blog has shifted directions and seems to serve as a diary and equates more of a food blog. Hell no!

Recently, I've been hanging out with my friends a lot more frequently than I did back in Penang. One big turn-off with these people are that they are constantly on the phone/texting. It hit me in a wave of realisation that no matter how we all strive to keep in touch and bond, but when that moment of opportunity comes along, instead of optimising every precious moment, again, we text and face our mobiles more than our own friends.

When I am out with my friends, I normally ignore my phone unless a call comes in. Any messages are deemed non urgent and can always be replied when conversation is sparse. Therefore, I am constantly annoyed when friends of mine treat their phones with more respect than myself!

Each beep or tweeting of the phone is hurriedly answered like a newborn baby crying for milk. What the hell? Don't these people find it rude to answer calls and text in the presence of others?

Ok, I am ranting. Admittedly I do the same, sometimes but not overly so. I may not be very popular to receive text messages every few minutes but I do have the sense to not be in an overly obsessive relationship with an object that will never give me the same luv.


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