Jesselton City: The Aftermath

We reached our apartment at 6pm or so. Everyone was looking like crap (well most of them cuz they didn't shower at all, at least I did ;P), Evan wanted to puke in the bus with the extremely loud favorite movie of his Beyond Loch Ness on the bus...

I took a loooong shower, scrubbed every inch of skin I can reach to... waited for the others to finish cleaning up and finally had our tabao-ed dinner lol.

TY kerja... capturing all the stuff we brought for the trip. Lol. Let's see if I can list it all down: Snacks, counter pain, Yoko-yoko, bandages, contact lens solution, energy gel and power gel, raisins, ear plugs (for night in Laban Rata), toothbrush, glasses, extra contact lenses, headlamps, moisturiser, tissue, poncho, underwears, extra clothes, windbreaker, long johns.

Our hiking sticks lol. L-R SJ's shortest green stick, Evan's gold Gaga stick, Jo Lynn's bandaged stick, TY's tall black one and my own crooked one.

Wilson promised that he will bring over mentoku (local rice wine) and lihing once we finished our hike. True to his word, he brought all the goodies at 9:30pm. Swell guy, went the extra mile even though he's our travel guide. He even bought Javanese BBQ-ed meat and skewered chicken!


Shall recommend him to anyone going to KK. It's a bit pricier but all worth it.

One by one falling apart because we were too tired. Wilson is the only one staying strong, that guy sure can drink! He told us stories about how he started drinking since very young when his friends cheated him into drinking wine, saying it's Ribena lol.

My favorite is the Lihing :) Sweet and smooth.

Kong-ed by 1am... only after making arrangements with Wilson to bring us to a FULL BODY MASSAGE!

Our session starts at 10:30am...

We went for the Kinabalu Climber's Package. The package lasts for 110 minutes and is supposed to relief fatigue, swelling, reduce muscle tension, prevent injuries and promote flexibility lol. The package also includes a body relaxation massage, hydrotherapy (which detoxify and release muscle aches) and thigh & foot massage.

Once we arrived (it's SJ, TY and me... Wei Inn and Jo Lynn were there earlier because Jo Lynn has a flight to catch back to Singapore and Wilson being the great guy went back and forth for us), we were served with a herbal drink called misai kucing (cat's whiskers literally) lol. It's supposed to make us relaxed or something like that.


Brown thighs!

Spa interior.

The guys were invited to start first (hmmph...sexist)

Wilson killed some time with me showing pictures of his wedding, Bajau style. One thing prominent in the pictures are the vessels of alcohol! Lol.

Soon after, I was invited to get into the spa. I was to shower and clean myself up first with this Bean Essence Shampoo. After that, is the hydrotherapy where I soak myself in this bubbling tub that massages different parts of my body lol.

Got guide some more lol. First squatted down, then move here, arch there rofl. Fun also lar but after that it gets boring and I kept looking at the timer. Soaked in the tub for 20 minutes.

Then dried myself up and put on the robes.

If you must know, the robes are available in L sizes only.

Then comes my favorite part! The massage is oh-so-divine... They use oil imported from the USA (the owner of the spa works there apparently). And the oil contains a mixture of eucalyptus, bergamot, grapefruit and ginger.

I sounded like their staff lol.


When we were done and paid for the massages, Wilson drove us back to our apartments and got all our things packed. It was already around 1pm. Then he dropped us all off at this large food court and recommended for us to try the local cuisine.

TY ordered this weird set. Can't remember what it's called.

I ordered the fried fish set. Comes with black rice and fried long beans with egg. Fish is large but tough though.

Also asked the waiter to recommend a vegetable dish and he picked this one. Mixed onions or something like that. Contains spring onions, erm, onions and erm more spring onions.

After lunch we made a pit stop at Cocoa Boutique, the large shop sells local cocoa products and is not available anywhere else (as what we were told).

They even have a replica of Mount Kinabalu made of chocolates! Lol...

Only got a box which is Tiramisu. Tastes really good, in room temperature that is. After dumping the chocolates in the fridge, somehow it's not as nice.

And then it's time to say bye bye to Sabah... Damn shitty lor cos I never bought any fridge magnets from the Gaya Sunday market then of all the dumb things to do, I went to the airport to get one T___T Costs a whopping RM12 as compared to Gaya market when I can easily get 3 magnets for RM10!


See you soon Borneo!

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