Flashes of the Past

My usual CNY back to home; photos of home.

Hasn't changed much, well can't quite say that. Mom is always changing this and that. They did paint a few feature walls. Oh! Bedroom's yellow! Like canary yellow! Mom cakap it was a mistake supposed to be soft calm yellow but ended up.... bit too bright. Clashes with the maroon curtains completely...

Chor Yee. Pickles damn kepo, I went out of the house and she came trotting along...lol.

The nice purpley flowery plants have been rid of. Kinda missed it. Not to mention the forest-y effect it gives to the house. Whenever there's a continued rainy season, the flowers just bloom and everything's lavender-y and purple-y. But they only last a few days, then the pain in the ass comes when the plant sheds its flowers. It means extra sweeping chores for us kids.

I used to tell friends who are coming over for the first time to look for a house that looks like a jungle. lol.

See... everywhere I turn, there she is. Mom brings out the bright red table spread for CNY -.-

Numerous paintings Su En did. I interrogated Mom why she didn't hang my painting and she was saying it's dusty, bla bla bla humph, I can clearly see discrimination at work here. Su En used to be the kuai kia then hehe.

This part of the house hasn't changed much.

The feature wall with all those photos have been repainted. It used to be this bright sea blue colour and I think I prefer the previous one! This colour should have gone to the canary yellow bedroom -.-

The messy kitchen.

And the even messier study/laundry room. Which is sometimes the nap room.

Dug out some old photos from the master bedroom. Lookie what I found!

Ong Su Jen can you recognise this?! Not bad ah, but I reckon it's a product from your secondary school days hahahah because there are cursive writing, the kind we learn from Form 3 Art or something :D

"Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day; And to apologise for my naughtiness. Have a good day". rofl :D :D

All the same Mom must have really liked it cos she still keeps it :)

Pictures of my past, to my horror....

I will never forgive Mum for putting me into that overly large and skimpy bikini!!! I can still recall that I used to have nightmares in my sleep, at some island and the damned swimsuit (swim SUIT? Who am I kidding?), well the bikini slipped off or something lah. Geez.

Not sure where this is but I reckon it's taken sometime when I was 2 or 3? I still have that smocked dress hehe. They do go pretty well with the vest. We sisters make such nice and even stair steps. Oh this has to be at the height of my cuteness rofl. I can assure you that as I grow older, my cuteness factor greatly reduces exponentially.

@ 5 years old. Ah Ma's place on the lazy chair, or whatever you call it. Not quite sure how I managed to climb into it considering my feet couldn't even touch the floor. I remember I used to like wearing the blouse + skirt set which now I feel containing gross, contra colours hehe.

Another one of my fave shot, though I am nowhere to be seen. I've always loved Ah Ma's garden. Didn't help though that I had eczema back then and skin was super sensitive. Then Ah Ma would boil these tea leaves which she would scrub on my legs to lessen the spots :(

MCC, Sien Ee poh and Kim Po. Awww see who's the smart little girl who could make a V shape with her hands and legs :D

Su Jen's eyes were the largest and they start shrinking with each daughter Mum pops out. And yes I ended with the smallest eyes thank you very much for not asking.

Ok ugly, embarrassing photos coming up!

Oh! Realised that this photo has those lavender-y, purple-y flower plants. Awesome right. In full bloom. This was during the time I started growing sideways. I was a fat kid during my younger days. It's not like I wasn't active - I loved running around, twitching, playing God-knows-what. Su En looks so different then hehehhehe I wonder if I should put this up on Facebook, and tag her. Mother of all horrors hehehehe. At least I can pose chubi-ly.

Hahahahahha. I think we were at one of Mum's company trip. This would probably be Pangkor and I think I would be about 11 or 12? See that Su En pose punya style sooo sama with the previous photo. This can come in handy as blackmail item #2 (I'm pretty confident it can go up to #55). Remember what I said about cuteness factor shooting down rapidly? This is a good example. From cute little smocked dress with a petite vest... to this horrible checkered, matching shirt and shorts, complete with an equally horrendous brown vest. Mum! Only Mum looks great *grudgy*

Oooo... fast forward through the un-niceties. Lost loads of weight when I was about 12 after an appendix operation. With Dad on a Form 6 class trip to the Cameron Highlands. Which means... almost 6 years ago *gasp! I've said it many times and I'm saying it again. Time indeed flies! Whatever happened to me in my horrible matching shirt-shorts set and vest! Sigh... Hope to come up with a Cameron trip before the end of the year because Dad hasn't been there in a while now. Though I will dread the traffic - both vehicle and human - on the hill.

Finally another one of my fave. Please excuse the weird proportion of the photo. It's a photo shot landscaped but Blogger seems to be in a cranky mood and all my landscape photos turned out rotated into a portrait! I tried various means to overcome this rather large hitch... and found out one way to avoid that is.... to crop my landscaped photos to make it more portrait-ish -.-

And there you have it.

Still, can't complain! Still contains the essence of the photograph hehehe! Check out MCC's sideways glaring look, Su Jen's cacing outline, my chubiness, cuddled so affectionately by Ah Ma :D and Su En's double whopper! Flashing white panties and face thickly covered with bedak sejuk to match. Hehehehehehe.


  1. Papa's hair @ Cameron Highlands, looks like Superman kekeke
    I am the best cacing ever!

  2. Yeah Clark Kent do!
    Cheh... well better than the pontianak-flashing undies kekekekkeke

  3. wahh so cute ah! post lor. im fine with it. my friends already post pics of us when in school. me with short hair and glasses look damn nerdy. :)) the little pontianak is cute ok!

  4. Yaks. So creepy like masuk hantu kekekekke


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