Hai Boey Chu Char

Was back in Penang the previous weekend and usually an obligatory flow of stomach-rumbling-inducing sort of photos that I may or may not have sinfully gobbled.

Typical TY did not tell me we're going to a sandy area having chu chai and I thought we're heading to Straits Quay luckily I didn't bring my heels and stuff or else I'd skin him alive, fry his hairy skin and feed them to the stray dogs.

My fave deep fried sotong! Such a universal fave (no, I don't know that for sure, just saying). Dipped in Thai chili sauce while it's piping hot for a bit of heat to a satisfying crunch!

Thai style stir fry Kappa. Love the spice to it! I like the accompanying soup on the plate but normally I'd be reluctant to take too much of them because I have no means of finding out how well they clean the seashells and how safe is the water they included.

*Running out of ideas for food description.

Than. Not quite fond of these. Rather get my hands on those bloody hums any time.

Yippee! Another of my fave stir fried skinny french beans with garlic!

Oh crap, I just realized that TY did not take a shot of the stir fried xiao bai chai.

Pai kut ong. Ji Yee's pai kut ong still ichiban! Never tasted any other as good as hers. Hai Boey's version of the pai kut ong is a lot more caramelized and sweet. Not my type.

Braised tofu with a type of squash? Mushy, in a good way :D

And some expensive steamed fish that costs a whopping RM180. I'm such not a fish person! Every few days need to force feed myself with fish for whatever nutrients I may be lacking -.-

The grand finale salted egg yolk crabs! Delightful, though I have tasted better ones, in Teluk Kumbar. These sea creatures sets us back RM130 for a plate.

Bill came to about RM48 a person, not bad I suppose, considering the large amount of food we ordered. But the pain in the ass is in the long drive towards Gertak Sanggul. Only two lanes, one for a direction and some cars are slow-moving.

And to end this self-torture post, a self captured shot on TY's cam :D

Hai Boey @ Gertak Sanggul

Mom's and TY's birthday lunch (2 in 1) next :D


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