So Near, And Yet, So Far

 Home for the whole week, and ah, you must be thinking I am feasting and eating and harvesting a nice big round belly. But really, what am I eating?

 Mom's yummy chicken chop, with broccoli and mixed peas on the side?
Nope, that's not in my stomach.

 Mum's yummy chicken chop drenched in tomato gravy with mushrooms.
Not quite.

 Mum's yummy home-made rendang?
Nope T___T

Or maybe Mum's herb fried rice or even tuna fried rice with pumpkins?

No wor. What the heck have I been eating if I've been home for almost a week now? 

- Watery porridge

-Watery porridge with small mouthful of mushed chicken strips

- Watery porridge with small bits of fish flakes

- Watery porridge with seaweed soup

- Canned mushroom soup

- Watery porridge


Got my wisdom tooth extracted via dental surgery. It's not exactly giving me problems but dentist advised to take it out as it's a matter of sooner or later. And I'm telling you, I might not have felt the pain on the dentist's chair but after the anaesthetic effects are gone, my whole left jaw swelled to as big as my fist. Nah I'm exaggerating. 

 Random lily in the garden. 

I felt like hitting myself in the head for being in the epicentre of where good food are conjured from nothing but I can only consume baby food. Argh! Even Pickles food is beginning to look yummy....

 Tree on the field that crashed onto the road after a windy night. Hmm... should I post up a shot of the lonesome tooth? :D

And now I have a squarish left, and an oval right. Worst of all, I'm cranky when I'm hungry!


  1. kekeke kesian but why only pull one? I pull all 4 at one go, one time torture enough already. So I looked like chipmunk :B

  2. Alamak! Cannot imagine what it must have been like when one already cukup suffer + traumatized. I have another that is impacted but I think I'll do it some time next year, or maybe not at all if I can get away with it :(

    Met up with a friend yesterday and she said my face looked 'distorted' :@:@

  3. That's why lar I do all 4 at one go -- I was still contemplating at the doctor's opis... then think think + the staff also say one go better + the girl that went in before me also extracted all 4 in one go, so I also go lah. Some more they said they will give me Valium and promised I won't feel anything. But also kinda traumatizing losing 4 good teeth all at one go... but the freaking dental surgeon removed the bottom two so quickly, I also figured wth not loh he also talked me into it. Suffer one time kau kau so no need to suffer again loh. You do it in installment pulaks... macamlah suka suffer sangat ;)

  4. :( One thing is I can get dental claim, but only limited amount per year (RM200) so if I extract 4 in one go, it's gonna cost me RM2k which is madness (but then again I dun have 4 impacted teeth ;)).

    Anyways, talked to the dentist the other day and he reckons that if the other impacted one is not really causing much problems (food getting stuck etc) then can just leave it so I'll see la how it goes while in the meantime ritual flossing and care.


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