Lam Mee: The Makings

Lam Mee cook guide!

I can only remember how to, roughly hehe. Nevertheless, end results still awesome. Loads of slicing and chopping and cutting though, there are just so many ingredients that add up to the lam mee.

Let's see if this poor memory of mine can make me proud :D Of course, expect lots of shortcuts from the other possibly lengthy recipes hehe.

What you shall need to make the most delish lam mee: (with very rough estimation)

400-500g small prawns
700-800g pork belly
6-7 pieces 'pee hu' 
2L of chicken stock

500g of crabmeat 
2 handfuls of taugeh
1 handful of kuchai
1 handful of coriander
1 handful of spring onions
5 eggs
Chopped garlic (for frying)
Deep fried shallots

Yellow noodles
Sambal belachan (lime optional)

First, boil prawns in a pot of water - shells, heads and all - until cooked, remove prawns and next add in pork belly (whole piece) to the pot.

De-shell the prawns and keep them aside while retaining the heads of the prawns.Remove pork belly when cooked and transfer the prawn heads back into the pot. Add in chicken stock to the now prawn heads infested pot.

While all of that is going on, tail the bean sprouts, and cut kuchai into smaller one inch length. Chop coriander leaves and spring onions into smaller pieces for garnishing. Beat eggs and fry them into thin omelettes before rolling them and cutting them up in small, thin strips.

 Liddis. Ok I just didn't roll them up here.

 You can use whatever fancy crabmeats and de-shell those too but MCC has some cooked, pre-packed and frozen so all we had to do was to thaw them ;)

Back to the pot: Remove the prawn heads and throw in a few pieces of 'pee hu'. Flat fish literally. And no, I don't know if the fish has another name hehehehe but it's dried and should be sold in most supermarkets. Remove the pork belly too and cut them into smaller pieces.
Boil the kuchai and taugeh separately until cooked just nice that these retain a slight crunch and not overly soft. Separately, boil yellow noodles too.

Erh, now I'm stumped, making lam mee was a lot of work, but putting them all together into this DIY guide makes it all seem so easy!

Now comes the fun part! Lam mee arrangements!  Lay the bean sprouts and kuchais on the base of a bowl. Next on top would be the yellow noodles, followed by the pork belly, prawns and crabmeat. Garnish with coriander leaves, spring onions, red chillis (if any), omelette strips, fried chopped garlic and fried shallots. MUST be served with sambal belachan! Yummers.


Looks nice riteeeeeeeeeee....

Lam mee was superb, thanks to MCC! Total preparation + cooking time is close to 3 hours! And that's with two people in the kitchen. But our work may have been hampered by the strong wind today.... our pots on stove took a really long time to boil because the fire on stove was heating something else sideways instead of the pot heheehhe but we didn't bother to close the windows cause the breeze is something we need!

Anyways, MCC tapao-ed some for me, can't wait to have them again for dinner tomorrow :D


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