Good Ol' Fish & Chips

After I'd moved to the Toa Payoh neighbourhood, many would exclaim that there's a lot of good food in Toa Payoh, etc etc. One of the places regularly mentioned as a Toa Payoh special is the fish and chips. As keen as I was to try it out, no one was able to give a proper address until one night I was watching TV, eating a sad meal of leftovers when a local food channel started rolling.

And whaddya know, the much talked about Toa Payoh fish and chips was one of the makan places featured! Fast as lightning jotted down the address, realized it's only about a stone's throw away!

Managed to drag MCC for lunch there one day. We reached at 11pm (was a Sunday) and there was already a line forming at the stall.

A corner stall in a coffeeshop, this fish and chips place is known for its good and authentic servings, at a fraction of the price.

The story of this humble stall is that, the owner used to work in a fish and chips restaurant when he was in the UK. Upon returning to Singapore, he opened a fish and chips place simply because he could not find a good and affordable meal of fish and chips.

A hearty splash of vinegar malt to go along with your fish and chips :D Besides fish and chips, other western delicacies are also served, namely chicken chop, pastas (looks pretty good, from the looks of the pasta that was served to the table beside us hehe). Oh and they also serve lamb shank and oxtail stew every alternate weekends, but apparently need to book in advance, or else they run out pretty quick!

The only soup on the menu - mushroom. I love the fact that the soup does not come out of a can. Delish! The garlic bread too, wholesome is the best word I can fit into the description.

By the way, the soup came after some 15 minutes of ordering. The wait is really, really long! And we were there early! Which I'm glad for at the very least. Our much anticipated plates of  good ol' fish and chips only arrive after 30 minutes of patience.

Quite a sad looking plate, really.... anyway both of us ordered the fish and chips, you can choose to have fish and rice, or fish and mashed taters and the likes but what for!! lol. Verdict!

I learnt that one way to distinguish a good deep fried batter is by how well the outer fried 'shell' retains its crispiness without leaving any of the inner batter mushy/undercooked. So I'm quite impressed by the thin crispiness of the batter with the inside dory fish completely soft and tender, yums :D

A tad greasy (which deep fried item isn't?) but overall delicious, with a big portion to boot. The only gripe we had was that there was no tartar sauce to go with the fish. Garggghhh!! Would have been ichiban! They do have plain mayonnaise though, after we'd requested for it.

Oh, and unlike the usual salad tossed in some mayonnaise and served on the side, Wok Inn prepares their salad with a vinaigrette dressing and roughly chopped garlic - love them to bits! All this for $5.80 only! Awesome.

Fish & Chips | Cafe Wok Inn
Blk 95 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh 
#01-74 Singapore 310095
Time: 11.30am - 10pm

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