A Malaccan Food Marathon Under 6 Hours

This is one of those posts that is bound to make you bite your mouse in frustration :

Traveled to Malacca on a weekend to attend the wedding of two fellow lifeguards. It's been a while since I've been to Malacca. Last trip there was probably 2 years ago. First makan trip there was 3 years ago. Damn, how time flies.

Though we're all beat (cos slept late the night before after dinner + supper with the LG gang), we still got up at 7ish so we can quickly and kiasuly queue at the famous chicken rice shop lol.

Imagine early morning hoot chicken rice d. Insane? Yes.

We're not the only insane ones. There was already a short queue forming outside. The recollections that I have of this shop is the very tender chicken bits and hand-rolled chicken rice balls. 

My lifesaving instructor back in those days!

It's a good thing we were sorta early, so we only have had to wait for about 15 minutes before getting seats. There's nothing special about the chicken rice balls except for the fact that it's rolled into a.... ball. I was mildly disappointed that the chicken meat weren't as tender as they used to be. But I guess that's part and parcel of progress and fame.

But the chili dip is as good as ever! Pretty spicy with a hint of garlic, just the way I like 'em.

A plate of chicken and 30 bijis of rice balls costs our table around RM45. That's about RM12 per pax. Slightly on the expensive side but Malacca has long been a tourist hot spot so that's the expected rate.

Gobbled up everything and resumed our makan marathon with dessert of cendol along Jonker Street which is only a short walk away from the chicken rice shop.

Everywhere queue, queue and queue! Strongly reminds me of Singapore :S

@ Jonker 88

The place was packed (obviously) and we can only find a teeny, tiny small table meant for 3 person to fit 11 or so of us lol. So some of us just ate standing up.

Honestly, I can't compare these to Penang's version of cendol. It's like trying to decide which kid is better when one is good in Maths and the other in Science. Two different sub-categories. I still like Penang cendol  though, but I also love the sweet gula Malacca on the Malacca cendol. It's so thick and gooey in the shaved ice because of solidification, it's awesome :D

LG seniors :)

The usual molest/attempt rate with these people around.

Check out the queue just a short while later. And it's not even noon yet!

Half of the group departed for more pressing issues like traveling back to KL, etc but the few of us were hungry for more.

There was a bit of debate if we should continue on with another cendol place or head to Nadeje, which sells crepes. We decided to go for Nadeje first so we can chillax for a bit and let the earlier food digest further.

Nadeje's thousand layer cake is very popular. I personally think it's more of a trend and the crepes are merely average and extremely fattening. No doubt the making of the crepes ain't easy and can only be made by hand. Cream on crepe, layer after layer.

We ordered three types - rum & raisin, original crepe and tiramisu crepe to share between the 5 of us. It's very filling, those cream! Preferred the original one over the other two. Rum & raisin is incredibly mild and mediocre in flavour, please don't order this the next time! Tiramisu was so-so, cream too overpowering I suppose.

When we decided to head for Nadeje first instead of cendol, it was a huge mistake.... Cos when we finally detoured over to the cendol place, it was already closed - all sold out! At 2pm! Apparently they only open for about 2 hours.... they are that good... To get to the place itself is already very tricky. It's in a residential area and except for a banner that says Aunty Koh, you would have no idea that one of the best cendol is served there.

Bad luck for us, but we're not about to sulk, the marathon must go on! Wei Wei introduced this pork satay place to us. You definitely won't find plenty of pork satays in this Muslim majority country.

 Remember the name, you'd definitely want to try this out.

Rows of charcoal grills manned by the staff.... Mass production... but in a good way!

Condiments quickly placed on your table as soon as you sat down. Then freshly grilled pork satay skewers are served to you...

You know how some satays are just over grilled and they taste hard and chewy? Well, these guys at Sun May Hiong definitely got it right... Tantalising layers of pork meat skewered between pork fat, grilled slowly over charcoal fire. Superb :D

I also especially liked their peanut sauce. It's a sweeter version of satay sauce - they have pineapples mixed in as well. It made the combination feels very fresh and you can go on and on eating them without feeling like it's overbearing. In fact, we felt like we need more after each stick! Good business strategy :\

Satisfied with the satay (but still disappointed that we couldn't try the cendol), we continued on with our last, but definitely not the least, makan destination. 

Famous for their coconut shakes, this makeshift shop is manned by mostly Malays selling all sort of drinks made using coconut, miscellaneous Malay kuehs, beehoon, and nasi lemak!!

This place also full when we were there. Business is definitely very brisk here. They even have another makeshift stall set up at the outer road to cater takeaways! Walao..... I joked that it's like the kampung drive-thru version hehehe.

I asked Wei Wei what else is famous here besides the shakes, she said her sister loves the nasi lemak there. Since I'm game for good nasi lemak, all of us ended up ordering a nasi lemak each... No regrets! Though the nasi lemak could be a lot better if only they have more ikan bilis, nuts, eggs and cucumber... nevertheless the sambal is awesome!

I ended up walloping another packet :X

Coconut shake was just meh. But incredibly cheap - Only RM1.80 or something like that, considering the business is so good and even if they hiked it up to RM4, people would still buy.

Couple of places I haven't try before this trip. Always good to be back in my home country where food dramatically improves after crossing the Causeway hehehehe.

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