Peach Blossom Marina Mandarin

It's been a while since I last blogged about one of my deepest-ingrained passion - eating - and that's really unusual. But fear not, that looming question as to whether my appetite is diminishing, I shall quell all such rumours!

Got invited to dinner at the Peach Blossom of Marina Mandarin. Now, I wouldn't say no to a free dinner! We were typically on our best behaviour at the posh-expect-to-knock-down-glasses restaurant.

 Started with a hot and cold combination of - Chilled Drunken Chicken Roll and Deep Fried Tentacles of Squid with Spiced Salt. Loved the drunken chicken roll with wolfberries in the center. The deep-fried squid works well for me too, though it is slightly chewy and just a tad too salty.

 Double-boiled soup of the day - Winter melon soup with barley and duck. The soup has a strong duck-y smell to it, very rich taste though I'm not sure if I really liked it. MCC reckons that winter melon soup is the cheapest soup to make, hehe.

 Pan-seared Kurobuta Pork Chop with Roasted Sesame Dressing. This is easily the favourite of the lot. The pork chop is so tender, we were only using butter knives to cut it up. IKK thought they may have used too much tenderizing powder, which I find to be utterly gross. Still, the tenderness does feel artificial. I loved the sesame dressing and the humongous asparagus that came with the pork.

 Braised Homemade Bean Curd with Assorted Mushrooms. Though the portions for the other dishes looked quite small, I was already partially filled up by the time I was done with the soup. So when this dish arrived, I was frantically trying to partition and compress the food in my stomach. Mushroom was blah, spinach was blah, but the tofu (hidden under the ginormous mushrooms) is yummy!

 Poached Rice with Assorted Seafood in Superior Broth served with Crispy Rice. Broth is "superior", there are bits of fishes and prawns inside with a generous scattering of spring onions. Too much soup for the entire meal...

Lookie the faces when our desserts arrive!

 Refreshing Chrysanthemum with Green Apple Jelly. Comes with a quartered slice of a raspberry and sour plum. I especially liked the sweet jelly with sour plum combination. Added bonus for the dry ice effect that we all got to play with ;)

I look like a dork in this picture. Was hesitant about including it :/

Ok, time to pack for my week-long vacation in the Philippines! Sun, sand and the beach! More updates when I am back xxx

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