Brighton Beach

Another beautiful day in Crawley again, and I finally got the chance to meet up with some colleagues working in the Crawley office. We decided to take the train and head over to Brighton, 40 minutes away!

Aside from the after-work crowd, we managed to get seats in the train :D

 Colleague informs me that Brighton is more like a 'party place'. It's usually full of tourist and it is evidenced by the drunken merry-makers. I do find these merry-makers rude at times, talking at the top of their lungs and making such a scene in public. Tsk tsk or maybe I am just being prudish :)

What the beach lacks is....sand... Pebbles and stones line the coast, which is quite interesting, really. Until you try going up and down the beach, the pebbles sinks under your weight. A bit like walking in the snow, minus the cold. By saying that, doesn't mean it's not chilly hor...

 Magda, the tour guide of the evening.

I was quite fascinated by the seagulls. Magda hates them and keeps a distance away from them. Well, at first I was very much fascinated by them, but not any more later on. Lookie those evil looking eyes and hooked beaks - that should be enough of a deterrent for any mesmerised onlookers.

How lucky are we with the weather again. With a theme park at the pier, it's hardly surprising at the number of tourists this place brings. I love this shot the best :)

 So I was with Magda and we decided to buy ourselves dinner and then sit at the beach and enjoy our meals. I got myself a fish and chips takeaway (which looks really good), placed it on the table top while waiting for Magda. Already one seagull landed on the beam next to me and set its beady eyes upon my meal. A sudden strong gust of wind pushed the flap of my takeaway box open and in that split second, the beady-eyed seagull swooped in on my fish and snatched a big chunk off it. As it flew away with its loot, bits of the fish fell apart and more seagulls dived in to retrieve the free loot ; ( Bastards!

 A significant chunk missing !!

Oh I recall when I was purchasing my fish and chips. It was from one of the stalls on the pier. So as the money I've changed were very new (fresh from the mint probably!), they were all crisp. I didn't have any change for the £6 fish, so I handed him a £50 note. He took is suspiciously and eyed me at the side of the cashier (cos I look Asian kot) then lifted the note against the light to check for its authenticity hahahaha. I was later assured by my other Asian friends that it's not a racist thing, it's just that there's been a lot of counterfeit money going around (!!)

 Most of the shops are already closed by the time we got there (well, most places close very early here in the UK). But it's still fun to try and peep in and see what sort of trinkets they sell.

 Like this quaint looking sewing centre.

And I added another beer cap to my collection! Yay. Well, ale.

Didn't manage to finish this bottle though. Because a glance at the watch later on, Magda checked her phone and told me that the train arrives in 5minutes! So we scrambled out of our seats and hastened towards the train station... barely just made it! The next train will be half an hour later and seems like a long wait after a nice meal and some booze... :)

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