Enchanting Annecy

Charming little town - but also very touristy. Plenty of Chinese, they are taking over the world! They crowd the small alleys, hog the scenic viewpoints and armed with various selfie sticks.

Mostly photos here, all self-explanatory.

The town is nestled at the base of the Alps, with a river flowing through it into Lake Annecy - one can indulge in cycling, hiking, or kayaking and swimming in the Lake.

Round two of steak tartare - the one in La Muzelle was loads better!

Lake Annecy

It was very warm when we were there and the theme for Annecy appears to be gelato. Every corner of the old town seems to be filled with gelato shops and long queues to satisfy the parched thirst.

And that was it, we mostly walked around the small town, and in the afternoon when it gets too hot to do anything, so we explored the Chateau d'Annecy to avoid baking in the sun.

And just to include a couple of photos from phone:

Milan next!

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