Florø Power

My final work trip - exploring the Land of the Vikings. Getting there was undoubtedly the longest flight I've taken to work: Ferry from Havelock - Port Blair - Chennai - Dubai - Oslo - Florø! 

Some 36 hours later, I landed in Florø to a crisp, cool weather (that was back in August).  

Temperatures dipped to 15-18 degrees - a far cry from the tropical warmth in the Andamans. Still trying to acclimatise, I was bundled in a fleece and a windbreaker.

Florø is a fairly small town - less than 2 hours to circle around with ample time for photos. Tired and jet-lagged as I was, I could barely resist exploring the small town. Also a big plus for long summer days!

I wasn't the only one feeling nippy, see!

The Norwegians are a truly lucky bunch. Here, nature is well preserved and the raw beauty of the country is absolutely stunning.

I could spend the rest of my life in a place like this... *sigh*

By the pier.

It was my first time working in the North Sea and it certainly lives up to its reputation! The worst weather I've ever endured lasted for 3 whole days. Waves up to 10m and strong gusts of wind means we are down for production but plenty of unsettled tummies there!

Next post - I spent a day traveling to the nearby fjords and island-hopping. Jaw-droppingly beautiful country!

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