Day VI - Kuantan

Day VI
Woken by Wei Shan at 8:20am. Showered and changed + washed undergarments and waited downstairs for the others to get ready. The complete family will be going along for this hour-long ride. Teen Yuen got nagged AGAIN for dilly-dallying and being the slowest to get ready. Started out at 9:25am.

Reached the town of Kemaman at around 10:15 where we had breakfast in a Hainan restaurant. We had this unique dish of curry mee with steamed ikan kembung and sambal on the side. All of us had coffee, kinda funny really, you could tell what everyone wanted to do was sleep in our own cosy beds.

Then it’s off to a town in Chukai, on the way there we passed the Petronas Refinery, where Malaysia earns half of its income from. The whole of the Refinery is so damn huge! I just cannot imagine how many trees are cut down for the construction of this site, it is just so vast.

Like Olympic torch liddat

Next up was Awana Kijal Resort, which to me sounded a lot like Brinjal Resort. Anyway, one thing that I absolutely love about the east coast beaches is that the sea has such a cool shade of blue! It beats the murky brown colour of Batu Ferringhi beaches. It’s not a bad place, for relaxing purposes la, the pools are kinda cool too.

After snapping loads of photos with poor Teen Haw as the loyal photographer, we had lunch in the town. Aunty has already ordered stuffed crab and we brought them over to another restaurant where we ordered some other dishes: Singapore char bee hoon, Char Hor Fun, Hainan mee, fried Taufu with rojak sauce, mixed veggie and fried rice. My stomach was already bloated from the crab that I did not have much of the other dishes, but the food was good.

On the way back we went over to look for some keropok lekor. We did found a nice place where the view is nice, creates a contrasting colour, the rocks and the blue sea.

Postcard perfect

Anyway, the lekor that auntie bought for me was boiled, but not deep fried. It tasted funny and has a raw-ish quality about it, plus it’s a weird grey colour and it twists around in a clump that it sort of looks like dog shit… But I felt so guilty requesting for the lekor and uncle actually went around looking for it that it seems so rude not to finish the lekor, however weird it tasted. Luckily I have a boyfriend with a garbage bin for a stomach and we agreed that he can have three-quarters of the lekor and I shall try to finish the remaining quarter. Thank goodness for boyfriends who eat anything.

Dinner was also simple, we had stir-fried spinach, stir-fried heng chai and pork chop which was prepared by TY’s grandma. Apparently she has not been cooking ever since she fell into coma and when the family heard that she has cooked again, they were so enthusiastic that it was another wave of guilty feeling as uncle said that grandma cooked for me, dunno how far true is that… Felt like I’m adding burden to everyone around me. Unfortunately we still have not had the Tiramisu yet! Tomorrow I will make darn sure that we will eat it, can’t wait!

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