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I was on my way back from her 3-months-ly fur trimming-till-nearly-botak at the pet shop. While I was passing nearby the hospital, there's this tree that fell from the wind and it was just there lying, blocking the entire road. The traffic on the lane I'm driving on was slow-moving, so I just did the only thing I could do, took a picture, lol! Pickles was sitting on my handbad and I had to, like, push her away and dig around my bag for the camera. Took 3 shots, but only 1 was look-able.

I sent that entry to The Star, definitely not expecting much, but definitely hoping that I can get that RM50 win! This morning, I received a message from Esmond, asking if it really was me in the thumbnails section of the paper. Unbelievably, they printed my picture... but it wasn't the big win. Nevermind, this has encouraged me to send in more entries next time! If a so-so picture is able to make it into the section, then I shall get more geng ones!

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