End of Chapter 1

At last.


I no longer have any commitments to USM.

I no longer have to rush for assignments, projects, club duties, or meetings.

I am no longer bonded to Lifeguard Corps.

I do not have to worry about whether my thesis is good enough for my lecturer or whether I live up to his expectations.


Anyway, now in the airport, waiting for flight AK127 to Singapore, where I'll be spending the next week and a half at my cousin's place. Initially planned to take up scuba diving course over there cos her husband, Ian is the one who offered to teach me.

Manatau. Si kUi. Ian told me once that if I feel like taking up scuba, I can always go to him cos he will teach me for free. That was about 2 years ago lar.

Then this year's Chinese New Year, I asked him again, in a kesi-kesi sort of way, cos I still thought that, maybe, the offer is still available. But then he said it will cost me around 600-700. RM. SO I thought, ok, that seems fine, still way cheaper than the ones they're offering in Malaysia, which is around RM1300 per person for about 3 days/3 nights.

Recently, again, I asked him how much it's going to be and this time he told me to go the website and check for the price!!! Si kui x 100. So I checked, and it's around SGD560 which is roughly about RM1280+. I was like $*^%*&^*$&(&(#.

In the end, I just decided to go there and have fun, but postpone my scuba classes to some other time when I can earn that much money instead of spending them all when I still very much need cash.

Min Chi Chi, my cousin (that's Min sis to you) very early requested for me to buy 2 packs of bhe pe sor biscuits from Him Heang and also 2 packets of mee goreng from a mamak stall somewhere in Air Hitam.

Job Offer
I received not one, but two job offers! I never thought that I am that marketable lol. But then again, maybe the companies are just desperate for workers and couldn't care less. I will be starting work on the 12th and it's going to be Fairchild :) I'm happy with my decision and I hope it will be a start of many more great things to come.

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