University Achievements

I have certainly come a long way since my high school days, where me and my fellow gang would create so-called havoc and every decision we make is based on majority. Then, our favourite pastime would be window shopping and gossiping.

Now, I can finally look back with a sense of achievement.Feels like I'm tooting my own horn, but it's my blog anyway.

I have:

-Been able to live on my own, independently.

-Discovered a new hobby - cooking.

-Completed all 4 levels of lifesaving
Best of all... is being able to pass Award of Merit, the toughest, in my opinion of the four levels. Best time was 57secs.

-Taken part in DHL Lifesaving competition while my freestyle was still very much cacat-ish, but managed, along with the rest of the team to sweep 3 Gold and 1 Bronze medal.

-Became an instructor myself, just as my own instructor was.

-Organised Aquatic Night with the committee and was the Director.

-Also organised Interaction Day in Sungai Sedim, Kedah, for a 2D 1N stay, which admitedly was not easy.

-For all the competitions joined and organising, was invited to Malam Anugerah Sukan and received 2 certs: Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang and also Sijil Separuh Warna.

-Exco in Lifeguard Corps for two year, which has taught me lots of stuff, things that you don't learn reading or studying.

-Completed my final year project, which also was not easy, using WIEN2k - Linux.

-Made a lot of good friends, shared special moments that are really sweet to recall.
My lifeguard friends:
Evan: loud, cynic, paranoid, funny with lots of things to say, thick lips.
Soon Jiun: lots of opinions, loves to talk.
Kenneth: big eater, big mouth, lucky person, everything seems to fall into place for him.
Chin Teng: happy-go-lucky, tidak apa attitude, wants people to be happy.
Hong En: dark, funny, baja hitam.

My coursemates:
Sin Yee: the bubbly girl who loves fruits.
Kim: loves dogs like me, soft spoken, but can show garang also!
Ee May: petite, eats no vegetables.
Chun Yee: smart, breaks into a dance suddenly, tongue twisters.
Esmond: St. Esmond, great actor, big smile.
Dawson: BIG laugh, big belly, easy to talk to, great advice.

- Of course, how can I forget to add that I also got myself involved in a relationship with a university-mate? :) well.. if you call that an achievement.

- Will edit once I can think of something more to add.

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