Chapter 2

Gosh... Hard to believe, but I've been working for 2 weeks now. Sounds short, but it's actually an achievement in my personal records. Achievement meaning, finally I am putting my education to good use and found a job that actually fits my resume.

First week of work was mostly on orientation, the culture of the company, safety rules and regulations and uniform testing. Our uniform is a blouse, with narrow vertical stripes of blue grey and red paired with a pair of navy blue pants/skirt.

Had my badge done too, no longer need that lousy laminated card to get into the premises now hahahha.

Now I'm trying to get used to sleeping before midnight and waking up at 6 something in the morning. Been doing that for 2 weeks straight. The last time that actually happened was during my Form 6 days.

My department, Product Engineering is at PM4, just on top of the factory's canteen. And my group- Interface is made up of four people. My supervisor, a senior engineer, me and a technician. They are all great people. Especially my senior. I've only been singing praises of her ever since I got to meet her, and I really admire her. She knows her stuff and she has taught me loads. Stuff not only related to the job, but as an employee in the company.

She taught me how to work smart, introduces me to others and most importantly (lol) invites me out for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes tea. She's kewl.

I'm really lucky to be able to meet such a person in my group. I have heard of backstabbing and people taking credit of stuff that you do, but this senior of mine, she's not like that, she values teamwork and watching each others' back.


Still learning about my job. Surprisingly, all those subjects that I have been studying in USM are not really utilised here at all. Maybe only some very basic and fundamental knowledge. But other than that, I have to start from scratch.

My work involves final testing of the package. Ensure that everything is up to mark before they're shipped to the customers.

Most friends of mine are still out there going for interviews and hunting for jobs. I can't help it but I just have to declare one more time that I'm super lucky. I shall live up to expectations and work my hardest to fulfill the job's requirements and also my group's.

But still... counting down to the next holiday.... :D

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