Hol's out!

Wrapping up my 1 week and a half holiday... now waiting to board my flight from Johor back to Penang. Took a cab from Singapore at 3pm and reached the airport bloody early, at 4 plus whereas my flight is at 7.20pm. A more stupid thing is that to actually get online here, I need to pay like RM5 for an hour. How 'cut throat' is that?

Drive back up was pretty boring, nothing happened. I was definitely disappointed that my break had to come to an end. I missed those skyscrapers, the systematic life of a Singaporean, the food, the convenience, the order, the service....

Now that I'm back, I can't help but to compare the two countries. Just after the customs, where the officers are all young and fit and looked reasonably strict, then suddenly after the bridge, I am greeted with pot-bellied officers, female officers who actually wore HEELS on duty. Then the rubbish strewn all over the road, people jaywalking with motorcycle riders helmet-less. Yeah, back to the land of nobody's business.

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