Vivo, Flyer and Betty Crocker

It's been a week. Been to loads of places, gotta thanks my great cousin and her husband for bearing me and letting me stay with them.

'Cui kueh'
Beetroot and carrot juice , and avocado juice

It's Vivo City! :)

In Vivo City, there's a place called Daiso where the shop sells EVERYTHING from toothbrush to food to baskets to pans. ALL at SGD2.

Then we had BBQ and steamboat (much like the ones in Penang)

Somewhere in Toa Payoh

Roast pork and duck

Spinach with egg and kichi
Deep fried chicken

Chilli Tofu
Dinner at Singapore Flyer's Popeyes
Coleslaw, mashed taters, fried chicken and bread with jam
World's tallest wheel.

Crazy entrance fee.
The capsule/pod.


The following photos do not do justice to the food! Bad camera settings :(

Chocolate Moist Cake!
Cake and pork ribs baking in the oven.

Oh, the divinity!!! (it looks much more juicier than this)

My happy meal *sniff
The weird-shaped and lopsided cake

It's a sinful pleasure......

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