2008's Month of Hungry Ghosts

I love this month !

I mean, I love this month cos I get to eat most of the great dishes that grandma cooks.

Just like any other day, it's blardy hot and hazy. Climbed out of bed at 9-ish and dragged meself to the bath. Showered and had just enough time to stuff 2 pieces of Tambun pheah before leaving the house with my parents.

Reached this crematorium (is that what it's called?) sort of like an apartment for the peaceful.

Granny's jade bracelet!
I dunno why, but I have a bit of an obsession for jade. It's more because of the colour, I think. I only realised that I like green when one of my coursemates pointed out that I seem to have more green tops than any other colour.

There are probably two types of jade bracelets around (I think), one is as shown above and another is of a lighter green which I don't fancy much.

Bodek grandma a while then she reluctantly took of the bracelet so I can try it on myself and feel vain for a short time.

I also demanded mom to get me a similar bracelet as my graduation present.

She didn't give me any reply, just a scoff.

Grandma takes back what belongs to her. Sure as hell not her pointy-mouthed rascal of a granddaughter.

"Haha, sucker!"

The row of 'old' sisters (lol)

Moving on to more important things... food.

Assorted fruits.

A gazillion worth of hell bank notes.

Array of nonya kuehs.

Jiu hu char!!!!!

Tu tor th'ng

Pai kut ong

Tu khar cho.

Okra and fish curry (from Hussein)

Joss sticks

Grandma asking Ah Kong whether he's all filled up and done.

Ah Kong said no.

Tu tor th'ng
(lol... I know I took this twice... but it's just too good and it deserves to be mentioned twice.)

My Happy Meal

This is also a must-have for praying events like these. O-wa chai (lettuce), jiu hu char and sambal belacan.

The best meal is served with a generous serving of family and gossips.

Not to forget the very spicy light-coloured han cio kia! Best eaten with a bit of tu tor.


Also met up with Yee Ker and Limay.

@ Cacao.

Gossip rules! Catched up on a whole load with them while being served by an ah gua waiter/ress.

Undoubtedly, Limay is the suckiest photographer among the 3 of us... Her pictures are very blah and I can only find one that looks acceptable. Both Yeeker and I are effortless!.

See see, I captured all the great details. The cool green light, the bright and happy smiles... excellent.

YKer, also not bad, captured my sincere and warm smile, and curvy bod :D and Limay's big grin.

The place we chose to sit have comfy couches and so both Limay and I took off our shoes and made ourselves comfy. We both laughed at Yker's ugly and boring sandals. LOL.

Then forced her to put my sandals on and took a picture of her forcing a happy look.

Erm, for decorative purposes:

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