Graduation 2008: Extended Version

Presenting the vainpots :

" The Secretary "

" Bogey King " , "Pat Gua" , " Captain "

" Chon-Dom "

" Baja Hitam "
(Warning: May contain excessive emo-shots.)



(Warning: Excessive exposure of body. May be deemed immoral. But who cares?)

Pics of us taking a shot of throwing mortarboard into the air + jumps : failed miserably (at least, I did)

Hood blocking.

Not very good... but... it's the best :(


The Big Day !

Convo Dinner


Credits to:

Kenneth Koh
Photographer: Sec. USM: THE CAMPUS & USM POOL

Evan Quah
For his camera (Photographer's own camera went out of battery after a mere 30 minutes)

Hong En & Soon Jiun
For being mere props

Teen Yuen
For the humongous flowers

All LG Juniors
For being there

my own self

For making it.

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