Kuantan: Steve and Kathryn Wedding

How much I looked forward to this day!

It was yet another mass vacation aka shutdown company no good business save cost. But I was too cheap to take a full day off and since I still have a trade-off (from a previous over time) so I took half day on that particular Friday.

Flight on Firefly at 4.30pm... booked months and months ago at around RM200 per pax for return trip.

So anyway, took off at 12.30 and met Chin Teng and Pei En for a real lunch.... at Red House. Real lunch cos those lunches served in the cafeteria are worse than dog food....

Packed all those last minute stuffs then I'm good to go!

On board:

"F**ker Fly" Mr Kuantan declares.

The plane's definitely smaller than Air Asia's... feels a li'l bit scaredy scaredy on board the fly.

Anyhowdy, touched down slightly early, around 6pm and Uncle Chiang's already there waiting. I just love flying.... saves a lot of time... rather pay a wee bit more than to sit for 7 hours straight in a mad car chase...

I just know that everybody in Kuantan misses me!

Got wine to greet me summore..... White 'violin wine' from Germany.

Ate a whole lotta 'chai' that night. Purple cabbage, green pepper, and 2 more that I couldn't remember... It was good though, there's too much toxic from all that dog food in my system by now.

Next morning, woke at 10am. Fell asleep quite early too, mostly due to the wine and also tired from all that heat and travelling.

Breakfast: Curry mee. A friend of the family also joined us and brought along some other goodies...

Pork feet


My kali min: When I ordered this... everyone was like very shocked like that... Very suei ok. Like I just committed a sin by ordering curry mee... TY also ordered but nobody bothered with him... Maybe cos they dun really like him lor.

Roasted pork... Chinese tea and of course, bamboo salt.

After breakfast/brunch we went to the new mall in Kuantan: The East Coast Mall. Sounds like very grand but it's nothing to shout about... It's huge and all la, but the shops are not fun at all. Queensbay Mall gets my vote. One weird thing about this place is that instead of stairsy-escalators, they have the sloping escalators. We counted and it takes about a minute to travel from one end to another.

Shan & Hao acting cute.

Oh... one plus point of ECMall... has Big Apple Donuts franchise. Heard a lot about this place, the donuts are pretty affordable, but taste-wise, dunno.

Before we actually go over to the Land of Doughnuts, we made a beeline to the salon where I got my haircut and ..... DYE!

It's been, like, 3-4 years since I last dyed my hair? I know long time only lor. I've been behaving really good and all... but it's time to turn the tables... ngiak ngiak ngiak.

I wanted a short do' and a very dark reddish sort of dye. I chose this shade called Dark Red Brown Ashen or something fancy like that. The hairdresser who was doing my hair has sucky hairstyle, but oh well. I have forgotten what it's like to wait for the dye to set in your hair and I was waiting and waiting as if I have nothing better to do (actually I don't) and kept on yawning away..

The result is... kinda unexpected, very dark coloured but I'm fine with it. Tired of waiting I don't really care anymore. Paid a total of RM98 for the cut and dye and left the shop for Big Apple. Hungry.

Rows and rows of temptations... Some that caught my eye: Chocoreo (I think the name says what it is) and Homer's supposed fave: Chocorino. lol

Also got to see the making of the donuts. Rolled and all and then are cut into shapes. Then deep-fried... and so on... fattening.

Our purchase

By the time we got back, it was almost dinner time. Showered and went over to Sake Cup Aunty's place (now upgraded and will call her Ngor Lien from now on)

It is, of course, feast time. Dinner before the wedding night.

Fried brown rice, stir-fried pork, pek zham kei, capsicums, fried chickens, sambal kangkung, chicken feet and others shown on the pic.

Then was treated to chocolates.....

Queen control empress. My idol. lol.
That very night, all of us went over to the groom's house (TY's cousin) to chat and stuff our faces some more. Suddenly...

Poof! Big squashy dog puffy teddy bearly OMG!



Next day, woke up sorta early, 10? lol... 9 plus I think. Dressed and had a donut for breakfast. Travelled back to the groom's house again... Tea ceremony. Did not take any pictures as I do not see anything that catches my attention. Boring boring skip skip.

That evening, I can vaguely remember some stuffs. Like me taking a nap that goes on for about 2 hours. Then Shan came in and told me it's already 6. Got up and found Wei En in the bath washing her top that I think kena fruit juice we had earlier (apples+beetroot+carrots+ice) and so I sleepily asked her whether she's getting ready already... she said okay, she'll be done then I can bathe.

So I sleepily got back to bed to sleep for a bit and checked the time... It's only bloody 4something! Bloody Shan. After that I revenged for a bit and cekik-ed her.

Wedding dinner: Vistana Hotel.

Nice ? My new cut and dye I mean. No need answer cos I know it is.

Typical wedding dinner lor... But one that has a live band. Great lead singer! Love his deep voice. Can carry falsetto also. Chubby, but not bad.

5 Hot and Cold Combo. I like the eggs -_-

Shark's fin soup. Although environmentally, it's wrong... but I cant help it. I admit I love this stuff.

Roasted chicken and kerabu type chicken.

Steamed fish in superior soy sauce. Don't ask.

Btw! I found that I can edit my dim, yellowish pictures to become very nice and all artsy-fartsy. Also found out that food pictures are better taken with flash. That is, if u dun plan to edit. Otherwise dim ones can be corrected with Windows Picture Manager. No need techy Photoshop.
Some people are born greedy...

Deep fried prawns dipped in cereal. Yums too.

Squashed faces....

My boyfriend.... Everyone keeps on asking when I will be getting married to him. But who says I want to, huh, huh?

I love Ngor Lien! I want to be just like her. Cook everyday and live in big big house.

That reminds me... Had wine and liquor 3 days in a row. Some people's belly will be expanding into a happy beer belly...

Next day woke up late late late again... Well, it is supposed to be a holiday anyway. Feels like I am getting closer to TY's family... Hope it's not a trap or something to keep me in sight.

Bye bye Kuantan. See you Christmas, or not!


  1. who wanna trap you, tak tau malu langsung....wakakakakaka

  2. wahh the dog loooks kinda creepy too.


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