Cheesecake Factory

Cheese overload!

@ Galleria.

Apple Cider smoothie.

Alvin's Godiva chocolate cheesecake.

My original cheesecake.

Cecile's caramel cheesecake.

Jocelyn's cherry cheesecake and Melanie's Kahlua coffee cheesecake.

Hannah's banana cheesecake or some sort.

They don't really look huge nor intimidating. But don't let their seemingly small size deceive you! Midway through the cheesecake, all of us were huffing and puffing in our effort to finish our $8 cheeseload.

The chesecake tastes really good. Mine had a layer of sour cream on top and the first few bites were heavenly. But you know that feeling when you had too much of a good food? That's exactly what happened to us.... Only a handful of us were able to finish up. Alvin was the first, then Cecile then me and finally Jocelyn.

The others had to tapao some of the cheesecake back hehehehhe.

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