Feast for the Eyes

It's been almost 3 months since I last updated! Blame it on the lack of internet connection back at Ping Chi Chi's place and my procrastination and also less than mundane activities that I got myself in occasionally.

Of course, first things first, updates post-US training. Got back on 15th of May, to Penang and SP for the whole week before I resume work in the KL office.

Naturally, I stuffed myself silly with all those well-missed local favourites. I spent my first night in Malaysia post-Houston in Penang. TY picked me up from the airport, got back to his place and showered then went out to New Lane for the large varieties of hawker faves. Also there were a bunch of lifeguards :)

Or chien*

One of my favourites in New Lane: zhu zhap zok - deep fried inerts and pork meat in soft porridge.

Jiu hu eng chai

Chee cheong fun*

The equivalent of a hundred cigarettes, roasted chicken wings.

Got back to SP the next day with more food lining up for me waiting to be consumed. Distributed souvenirs, gifts and stuff to everyone back home, it was definitely a good feeling hehehhe.

Back home, I was nourished back to full health (not like I was exactly sick, but home sick, y'know?) with Grandma's excellent cooking and oriental soup. Pictures not taken, with much regret. However during one of those days back in SP, all of us did end up having dinner in Bedong.

Pork feet.

Kerabu chicken

Prawns deep fried in oat/Nestum I think.

Stir fried french beans.

Man dou*

Ambla semboi*

One dish that I absolutely cannot miss when I go back to SP is the kelena mee (Indian mee goreng) yummmmmmm thinking about them makes me drool now.


wheeeeeeeee! I think tomorrow before I head back to Penang, must tapao this first.
Fast forward the next morning, or some time later, I woke up early (early in Sp means 10-11am) to be greeted by a pleasant surprise wrapped in banana leaf.


But the nasi lemak does not have boiled egg or peanuts :(

With kuehs and white coffee is where heaven is almost like...

Lunch time had Hokkien mee from the corner shop behind 10to10 photo studio^^. This uncle's place is special cos he puts in pork meat, that makes it very fragrant.

To wrap this entry up, a couple more dish cooked at home,

Steamed lub cheong with garlic and raw sliced onions

and steamed fish in mushroom, garlic, tomato sauce garnished with coriander ^^
Happy tummy! Have more photos of food stuff that I've been indulging here but I'll leave that to another post.

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