Cooks from Home

Few weeks ago my aunt - meaning my cousin Elyza's mom and a couple other aunties came over to KL for a few days' stay before departing off to Spain to visit my other cousin Sean... she's expecting her baby to pop out any time now! Her baby is going to be a heart-breaker.. :)

Food highlights! Ji Yi is an awesome cook in Baling and has her own restaurant there. Famous for being very 'mang zang' in the kitchen, but even more famous is her tomyam, 'pai kut ong' and sambal kangkung yummmz. However all of us only managed to taste 2 out of the 3 famous Ji Yi stuff but hell, if that's good enough for me, it's good enough for everyone else! *fierce*

The heavenly sambal petai... but I assure you the aftermath is anything but heavenly. As much as I love this dish, I still prefer my grandma's version where the sambal is much more pekat, concentrated. Ji Yi's a bit more liquid-ish.

Famous #2: Bai Kut Ong... succulent meat.

Ok, well, we didnt exactly get to taste the tomyam as in tomyam soup but in a drier version, stir fried with vegetables and king prawns. I think my cholesterol level went up a few notches that night because there were so many aunties and old people around so they kept on pushing the prawns to me! Last count of prawns consumed was about 7-8...

Tau Yu Chicken (Chicken in soy sauce) upon cousin's request. Don't really fancy that much, anyway I already have enough on my plate to worry about this one!

Oh! I only just recalled that there was this other one soup that I completely forgot to take pictures of :( It's also another one of my faves, the sweet radish soup with strips of salty cuttlefish. :(

Family photo... pardon the very 'ahem' maid-ish outfit of mine lol! At home have to be comfortable lar ! *defensive mode*

And her friends.... Happy Birthday Couz!


  1. im so jealous!!!!!!!!!! i want the foood!! nvm i think sean ee will cook also for me when i go to min chichi's place this weekend!


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