42 "

Got back to Penang for a Lifeguard 30th Anniversary dinner but I didn't take any photos! I'll blog on the night once I get my hands on some of the pictures :) Also managed a short overnight stay back home and lookie the new member of the house!

42" LCD TV Panasonic Viera which Su En and I got for Papa & Mommie :) Nice, eh? Nicer is that Mom got it for only RM2.5k but if you were to go elsewhere, it would cost you between RM3-4k. Certainly pays to know the right people.

I asked Mom how's the new TV and stuff but she only answered that both her and Papa don't really spend a lot of time in front of the TV and then she started on a long-winded lesson on this Tibetan Qi Gong class that both of them have been going. Zzzness.

All the pouffes, and lazy chair very near to our old and sad 24" tv are now nowhere to be seen lol. I think you will get a bit dizzy if you sit too close to that huge screen.

More shots on Pokkidoodles :p Please admire her pictures ok! I woke up early on that day to shower, and then blow-dry her.


I so need a dog in KL :(


  1. ZZZZzzZZZzz @ Qigong...
    Yeah the dizziness will go away after a while -- after you get used to it hehe then you would want to sit closer to see all the pores in your favorite actor/actress' face :D

  2. Kekeke... I should put a before and after tv difference right... but too lazy to browse through my pictures.

  3. haha funny about the zzzzz-nes when mom start talking abotu tibet qigong instead of the tv haha!


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