No Place Like Home

I got back SP on a 4-day break, a day in lieu of Thaipussam and another for Federal Territory Day. Spend the first day in Penang catching up with friends back in uni. I definitely miss Penang. The extremely 'tua tay + pan gi' food and most of all, the easy accessibility to practically any location in Penang becos my the personal driver ;)

Oh, food! I haven't had time to upload pictures just yet. But plan to do so once I get back KL. And I seriously need to get a new laptop/desktop. But I suppose laptops are much more convenient especially for work. The reason that I am actually blogging during my days back in SP also because I need to get some work done and monitor production. It sucks because executing any piece of workload remotely gets really slow but thank god for TY's laptop which is able to access some applications.

Mom just sent Pickles to get a short and neat whole body fur-cut. If I am Pickles I think I would be extremely happy for that, given the excruciating heat these few days. Even if I live in a cave I could easily tell that CNY is near.

Speaking of CNY, accompanied Grandma and Tua Yi for some CNY preps shopping. Geez, I am starting to hate to get out of the house in SP. People here shove and push and cut the line like the grandfather owns the whole of SP. Hmm... but then again there's probably still hope. This morning, I was in Econsave (hypermarket) to get some ingredients for Mom's chicken chop (pic soon! :p). So first I got some broccoli, tomatoes, cilantro and carrots and went to queue at the weighing counter. There were two lines to the two counters there and this lady was trying to shove her way and drop her stuff on the counter when it's not her turn. The staff then snapped at her to queue up and said "Dengan saya, baik beratur" whoa.... hahahha

Okla will update soon with more photos and updates. Grandma fell off her bicycle :( and she looks like she's getting thinner. But she's still the best cook in the whole world.

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