Fun Taipei Teahouse

Stanley the master foodie invites Jocelyn and I out for dinner at Fun Taipei Teahouse after work on Friday. The restaurant is around Pudu area. I've not heard of the place but it's supposed to have been featured in a food tv series, some magazines I suppose and multiple blogs.

We reached the area a little after 8 but finding a place to park the car is a bitch. Everywhere is full and we had to cruise around the place 3 times before finding a place, and even that is also an illegal parking lol.

Decor is simple with loads of paintings and calligraphy works around the restaurant. Didn't like the chairs there, though. I thought they look a bit cheap and out of place.

The menu is quite extensive! There are a few specialties but as I was a bit tight in the pocket so I ordered the cheapest specialty lol. Minced meat set.

Rice served in a bowl with minced meat, vegetables, herbal egg, tofu and salted vegetable soup. The dish looks so simply for RM10 but I love the minced meat and the sauce to bits! I gobbled my meal as I was really hungry after yoga session (which later resulted in my tummy feeling queasy, like wind got in liddat.)

Another Taiwan specialty: bubble tea. This belongs to Jocelyn - yam bubble tea or somewhat. I like the colour though :p

Jocelyn's oyster noodle. I took a taste of it, the gravy is very thick but it doesn't taste like my kind... Anyways there are a lot of food in Taiwan that didn't suit my tastebuds :(

Stanley's mega meal! He ordered the pork chop set or somewhat... another specialty of Fun Taipei. The pork tasted soooo good and it's all oily and greasy yumz.

All our drinks lined up. Stanley and I both ordered the same black milk tea; but I had mine with QQ jelly. It's like this slightly more compact form of flavored jelly and the drink tasted very rich but the more you drink the sweeter it seems to get -_-

Finally we also had pork dumplings:

Stuffed with minced pork, chives and a number of mysterious ingredients that I did not detect. At the first bite it tasted like it's gone bad, but the next chew onwards as you accept the taste only does it taste a bit better. I felt like the dumpling skin is a bit too thick so I didn't enjoy it much...

Took the same picture without flash... looks very unappetizing right? Hmm... I've been considering a DSLR for a while now... Should I? But I will hate it's bulkiness especially when you travel.

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