Lui Cha

Sigh.... How I miss my camera so very, very much. Well at least having a camera with me and knowing that pictures captured are fine. My cam is still under diagnosis (I think) so.... there's only the camera in my iPhone that's doing a pretty bland job :(

Was at one of the organic restaurants in Sungai Long. Tried googling the name of the place but didn't get anything. Hasn't been commercialized thoroughly maybe, but that doesn't mean that the food is so-so.

In fact, the food is awesome! Just looking at the (albeit bland colors) pictures, I'm already starting to crave for some good ol' Lui Cha!

I always thought that the 'lui cha' means green tea rice or something. But in face it means Thunder Tea Rice. Whatever that's supposed to mean. Anyway, it is a famous Hakka dish rice that is a cacophony of healthy chopped greens, herbs and nuts on brown rice and then drowned in a herbal green-ish tea (which I assume is called the Thunder Tea). Either you'll love it or hate it. Well, lip-smacking for me!

Let's see if I can even figure out the numerous vegetation on these. Chopped long beans, green collards (I think lol) , tofu, siew pak choy (?) ... erm... peanuts, black sesame ... Ok I give up -__-

Mix them all up together. Love the colors on this dish. Very untreated sort of meal. Not the processed stuff you get. Then you drench the mixture of greens and brown rice with the tea. The tea consists of a number of herbs too. Some may find it pungent. Me? Loved it. Uncle and Aunty furthermore requested for a more concentrated tea. Thick it is!

We also ordered an additonal tofu dish. Omg.... I can't believe I can love tofu this much! It's the gravy, I swear. So fragrant and sweet, it totally kicks my tastebuds into gear. The gravy has a mixture of mushrooms, diced peppers, seaweed and more that I can't figure out. Hungry!!

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