Starve Yourself Not

It's the month of fasting, and guess what, it's kinda obvious with the 'extremely effective' LRTs and the 'efficient services' by some on puasa. No offense to those who are fasting, but a job is a job. Whether you are sick, or haven't eaten/drank anything for 10 hours, you still got to do what it takes to maintain and perform your duties. Especially so if you work with the government services, customer services ... and most importantly public transport! If you're not fit to work, then go to a doctor and receive a medical certificate!

Anyway, the whole purpose of the fasting during the month of Ramadhan is to experience what it feels like being a poor person and without food. And also to discipline oneself. Well, being poor and food-less also means having more determination to earn food, hence there should be no excuses for any staff to shuffle along in their own sweet time doing work!

I am of course, not bad-mouthing the Muslims, only those who slack.

Another gripe that I have is about this pantry of an office I have seen. There is a microwave in the pantry as well, with a huge sign "Halal food only" plastered over its front opening.

Now, I have no problems with the request. But my gripe is that, if we have to be sensitive about the Muslims' needs, why can't they be sensitive to the Hindus' and Buddhists' needs?

Muslims do not eat pork because the animal is not considered halal. In a sense they can actually live with and without it, so long as pork is not consumed. But the Hindus and also Buddhists see cows as a sacred animal. Cows are given respect and those practising the religion are forbidden to consume these protected mammals. Instead, we live in a selfish world where pepperoni pizzas are ordered, beef rendang and whatnot and heated in the microwave.

You tell me whether that's fair.

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