Been having a stiff neck a few times during the course of a month. I think my pillows are getting old. Then they make me feel old.

This front label makes it all the much easier for me to pick a pillow. I sleep on my back, front and side, all on the same night.

Oh, I kick too.

I call that defensive sleeping.

Last night, my cousin sister burst in through the front door and exclaimed that she just went to a tarot card reader. Apparently the reader asked my cousin whether the owner of my room (that's me T-T) is moody (!!) and whether I have been fighting with TY. He/she then stated that my room is 'not good' and that I should place an amethyst crystal - in the shape of a ball / pyramid to prevent quarreling and fights.

Well, well, well... The inevitable.

Admittedly I am a person with multiple masks. I can be a nice person this minute, then the next I am scathingly giving a jabbing remark. Not entirely proud of it and some refer to it as mood swings. Hmm.

The tiny amethyst crystal ball sitting solitarily by my bedside. Tiny basket in case I get up groggy and knock everything in my path.

We'll see how well that works ;)

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