Home is where the Heart Is

Back home in SP. Loads of feeding up (not that I need any more, thank you very much), Mom is busy in the kitchen while I'm busy playing with Pickles! Have my Harry Potter book here (Order of the Phoenix- re-reading for the umpteenth time), so what else could I possibly need? Well, my boyfriend perhaps? Lol...

Weather's been crazy lately. Usually, the days before, during and after CNY is blazing, oven-y hot. But it just rained, and I'm feeling all cozy and cuddly, I think I will grab myself a large pillow, crawl through a few pages of Harry's hearing at the Ministry of Magic before dozing off into land of Chai Shen.

Haven't been doing much, other than pai-pai this morning at Ah Ma's condo. Snapped a few photos but haven't had the motivation to upload yet ;)

Ok, that's the end of this seemingly directionless post.... Now where's the chubby dog.

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